I love art and this house is a perfect venue to display it, so I invite artists whose work I like to show here. I choose not to make a commission and the artists agree to allow the 40% commission that a gallery would charge to be passed on to our guests in the form of a saving.
So I see this a triple win!
  1. The artists get a place to display their art at no charge
  2. We enjoy lovely and different art in our home and
  3. Our guests get to enjoy the art and also have the opportunity to purchase at a significant discount.
This came about because during so many months of renovations, (nearly two years!!) there was always something new to look at whenever our regular guests returned. They would check in and then do a ‘site inspection’ on the renovations progress to date. A comment from one of our most regular guests, Graeme, inspired me to create ‘the Art Wall’. He said ‘Now that all the renovations have finished, I don’t have anything new to inspect!”.
So the ‘Art Wall’ is simply the space in our hall… and a few other walls. These spaces change regularly and so return guests get to view numerous artists, styles and mediums over time. The work is quite different and each artist is displayed for three to six months.
My criteria in choosing the art is simply that: 
  1. I like the art
  2. It suits our house
  3. I like the artist

Current Artist


Anita McKenzie